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Trident-full Moon

The ninth month of the year has begun. It is named seventh (September), because during this period, the first semester of the solar circuit through the zodiacal path becomes completed. It is the time when the rays of the Sun fall perpendicularly on the equatorial zone, and are oriented towards the regions of the south, when we prepare for the autumn in the north and, for the spring, in the south.

On the fifth night of this month, which divides itself equitably between both hemispheres, the Moon, in distributing the light and heat transmitted by its source, will show all its luminous charm. It will facilitate the imagination, and spread illusions everywhere. This September-Full Moon will be the marine Moon, which will present us with a night of restlessness, of extreme sensitivity, and with emotional shudders.

By the time when the Moon will shows all its roundness and reflect the totality of the light it captures from the Sun, it will be transiting by the middle of the sign of the fish, identified with the nature of that sector of the sky that represents the subtle, gaseous world, ethereal and intangible. Its image will represent, like no other one in the year, the power of imagination, illusion, mysticism, unconscious processes, evasion and deception.

The Pisces-Plenilunium will take place as soon as the first three hours of Wednesday, September the sixth, will have elapsed. At that time an almost perfect alignment will have been formed between Sun, Earth, Moon and Neptune. Such astral configuration gives this Full Moon an atypical feature, because the natural power that it exerts every month on our host planet and its fluids, in particular on the tides, is accentuated this time by the symbolic condition that Neptune grants to it.

Such a Full Moon —so close to the ruler of Pisces— had not come to happen since the mid-nineteenth century. This took place a few years after the distant planet named after the god of the seas (Neptune), was first seen, on the night of September 23, 1846. None of the present inhabitants of our planet had been able to witness and feel a true Neptunian full moon.

Neptune was born to human consciousness in times of social conflicts, idealism, insurgencies and revolutions. USA declared war on Mexico, a peasant rebellion came to happen in Venezuela, Cuba was besieged by the fiercest of hurricanes, ideas of socialism spread out —and airs of revolution emerged— in Europe, the Church elected a new Pontiff and confusion expanded throughout the world. The environment within which this eighth planet appeared is part of what it, itself, symbolizes.

In 2011 Neptune completed its first lap after having been discovered. Being so far away from the Sun, its orbit is very extensive, taking more than 160 years to travel the complete circuit. Its god homonymous is the ruler of the seas and of everything that lives in the oceans. It is credited with a hot temper that stirs the seas and shakes the telluric layers. It is assimilated with that which happens in the spheres of the Unconscious, both personal and collective; and it dominates the world of dreams.

The physical nature of Neptune possesses a rocky ice core, surrounded by an atmosphere filled with frozen water, methane and ammonia, which give it a bluish appearance, with shades of navy blue, turquoise and aquamarine. It is surpassed in volume only by Jupiter and Saturn, and orbited by two main moons: Triton (a demigod, the son of Neptune) and Nereid (a nymph of the sea). All these features provide it a nebulous tone, which suggests mystery and ambiguity.

This singular Plenilunium in Pisces, aligned with Neptune, amplifies the psycho-emotional effect of the lunar influence. The hypersensitivity and passion of Full Moon nights, inspiring and romantic, combine with the imaginative and illusory capacity that stimulates the planet entrusted to the god of the trident. In these days humanity attunes itself to the development of imagination, creativity, loss of good sense, deception, lying, evasion, dissolution and confusion.

The Neptunian-September-Full Moon of this week connects with the overflow of the forces of the sea, in their constant game of threatening approach with the terrestrial surface, causing instability and disorder as they come and go. Likewise, the sense of reality seems to be lost in the hidden spaces of the psyche, and unconscious impulses besiege synderesis, and lead to dangerous confusion. During this peculiar Full Moon in extraordinary planetary alignment, we will be harassed by a strange collective alienation.

Translated by Jorge Pardo Febres-Cordero, Certified Public Translator (Spanish-English-Spanish) –

Photo Credits: candi… ©

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