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The hour of changes

The last month of the first half of the year has begun, with the sidereal bodies closest to the Earth and the Sun in the process of modifying their energy quality. They are the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars, also known as fast and personal. Such a condition will affect the course of earthly events, and implies an alteration in human behavior, with a tendency to express itself in the days to come.

The Moon represents the emotional functioning in the human being. It is also associated with gestation, the feminine, the exercise of motherhood, family life, nutrition, infancy, protection and the roots, including the homeland and the notion of motherland. The lunar cycle corresponds to the menstrual period in the woman and, therefore, the Moon is also related to women’s adaptive behavior and mood changes. Sensitivity, intuition, creativity, fertility, the mysterious, and inner strength are typically feminine traits attributed to the Moon.

In these days, the Moon is in the process of being filled. It will reach its plenitude next Friday 9, at nine in the morning. On this occasion, while traveling through Sagittarius, the Moon will confront the Sun, which will be travelling by Gemini. A few hours earlier, our satellite will have passed the apogee point, located at its maximum distance from Earth, more than 406.000 km away. For this reason, the Moon will be seen on Thursday and Friday nights as the smallest moon of all this year, a kind of mini moon.

In the precise moment when the Full Moon shall occur, it will be forming, on the one hand, a conjunction with Saturn and, on the other, a conjunction with the so-called Black Moon. It conforms, with the planet of the rings, an energy of tension between the lunar plasticity and the saturnine rigidity, which can be felt as an uncomfortable sensation of limitation regarding the expression of emotions. Its proximity to that void area represented by the Black Moon suggests the presence of unknown, dark and mysterious forces, which can be subtly perceived.

This week, the three personal planets will change their stages. Mars comes out of Gemini, to get into Cancer; Venus leaves its long stay in Aries (it has been there since the beginning of February), and moves on into Taurus; while Mercury says farewell to Taurus, to enter Gemini. Each of these three planets represents a different aspect of the human condition.

Mars, the planet most similar to ours, is associated with the vital impulse, the force that fights against any external threat, and the aggressive action to obtain an end. It is identified with the manly, the instinct of survival, the conquering attitude, the rage and the violence. It is also related to independence, egocentricity, boldness, bravery and reckless posture.

Starting at noon, on Sunday 4, Mars began to walk through Cancer, a water sign that is related to introversion, sensitivity and emotions. Throughout the month in which Mars will remain under the tutelage of the crab, its activity, courage and fighting spirit will be diminished, as it enters into a latent state that affect in humans their aggressive nature, which becomes more towards themselves, increasing the levels of tension and internal conflict.

Venus is the symbolic counterpart of Mars. It represents union, sensuality, femininity, beauty, attraction, balance, charm, grace, seduction, pleasure, feelings and, especially, love. At dawn, on Tuesday 6, Venus enters Taurus, from where it can express with great ease all its sensory energy, because Taurus is a sign that is related to Venus, having been assigned as its natural home. Like Mars, Venus will remain a month in the sign, facilitating, throughout this period, the connection of the human being with the material world, the perceptive experience and the sentimental condition.

Finally, Mercury, the planet closest to the Sun, represents the mental processes and the ability to communicate. That is why it is related to reasoning, argumentation, analysis, comparison, criticism and the formulation of judgments; as well as with the ease of speech, the exchange of opinions, the negotiating attitude, the mediating position, and the conciliation of opposites. When Mercury is well located, it shows in the human behavior the brilliance of the cunning and the power of convincing.

In the twilight hour of Tuesday 6, Mercury begins its transit of three weeks by Gemini. Similar to what happens with Venus, the swift planet is comfortable in this zodiacal zone, because it shares with it its aerial nature and its adaptive ability. It is a period in which human thought and language issues can be developed fluently, and the versatility to engage with change is stimulated.

A week very much altered in its cosmic rhythm has begun. The two full-moon nights -Thursday and Friday- will be followed by the triple energy shift of the personal planets, and the recovery of Jupiter’s power, which ends the retrograde motion it had been in during the last five months. Such a number of mutations, and the quality of the new astral conditions, are indicative of the sidereal mandate: in order to face the challenges of the present moment, it is indispensable to assume mental flexibility, versatility in attitudes and disposition towards creativity.

Translated by Jorge Pardo Febres-Cordero, Certified Public Translator (Spanish-English-Spanish) –

Photo Credits: Francisco Javier Toledo Ravelo

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