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Saturn’s Whack

The most recent Full-moon occurred in Sagittarius, in conjunction with Saturn, the planet of limitations. This happened last Friday the 9th, simultaneously with Jupiter — the most voluminous of the bodies revolving around our Sun, and the one antagonizing  Saturn— regaining its straight motion.  Because it represents an energy quality akin to the Centaur’s sign, Jupiter rules in this case over Saturn.

A week has ended, that connected us with two opposing forces: Jupiter’s expansive condition, along with Saturn’s inhibiting / restrictive tendency. Such a circumstance encourages us into looking for a point of balance between the two.  In the course of the next few days however Saturn will expand its radius of influence, because it will reach its closest proximity to the terrestrial surface, in the year.

On Thursday the 15th, our planetary home will be aligned with the Sun —which will be traveling through Gemini at one end— and Saturn —traveling through Sagittarius, in the opposite one. The tension between the two extremes can increase the obstructive / restrictive qualities of the ringed planet, which represents the same castrating style of the god to whom it owes its name. These are experiences and situations difficult to overcome, but having a high potential for growth and internal maturation.

The current calendar designates as Tuesday the Thirteenth of June the day falling two days before the opposition between the Sun and Saturn takes place. The collective unconscious of Latin culture has ascribed to that day a supernatural force associated with misfortune. The reason for such superstitious beliefs is that this day of the week is devoted to the violent/warring Mars, and to the number 13, which has a symbolic value associated with the number four that represents restraint, limitation, the heaviness of Matter, containment.

On Tuesday the thirteenth, the tiny Mercury and Neptune will form a right angle as regards each other, reinforcing the difficulty involved in integrating two energies: Mercury’s rational one, as opposed to Neptune’s illusory, deceptive, confusing and evasive one, emulating the god of Seas. Such an astral configuration, coupled with the negative charge that has been attached to that day and date, increases the obstructing sensation, typical of the saturnine power of these days.

On the same Thursday 15, day of the Sun-Saturn confrontation, Neptune is stationary in the intermediate point of the opposition that Mercury and Saturn will form two days later. It is a triangulation that reinforces the conflict already produced by the alignment of Saturn with the Sun and the Earth.

The week will end with the Waning Moon in conjunction with Chiron, in Pisces, forming a second conflictive triangle with the Sun and Saturn, as a capstone to the great number of connections that this heavy planet —identified with lead and rigidity— provides. On Sunday the 18th, Saturn will align itself again, this time with Mercury, the mediator, provoking a struggle between the adaptive flexibility of the latter and the authoritarian imposition of the controlling and repressive sidereal body.

It should not puzzle any one that Tuesday the thirteenth was cast on this excessively dense week, to give an extra ration to Saturn’s whack, and to the critical triangulations projected by Neptune, Mercury, Chiron and the Waning Moon. In the face of such a gray scene, one will do well by lightening the loads, being optimistic and maintaining a spirit of self-improvement, such as to turn limitations into opportunities for personal balance.

Translated by Jorge Pardo Febres-Cordero, Certified Public Translator (Spanish-English-Spanish) –

Photo Credits: D3RX

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