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Cristabelle García

Open Letter to Roosh V

Roosh V is a pickup artist (yes, apparently, that’s a real thing). He’s not a cool one like Hitch, though. In one of his last posts, he very casually talks about how women should be deprived of their freedom. Where I come from, that’s called “pissing outside of the bucket”. Well, in this case, the bucket is here and now, in western civilization, but Roosh V clearly isn’t. I’m even wondering if the reason he’s promoting this whole sociopathic ideology is just to gain popularity. I mean, how could a man born and raised in America, really be dreaming about Islam-driven societies? Why doesn’t he move there, then? Oh, right, because over there he could not be a pickup artist.

Dear Roosh,

In a recent post, you get nostalgic about those times in which a woman “was not allowed to study any trivial topic she wanted, sleep with any man who caught her fancy, or uproot herself and travel the world because she wanted to ‘find herself’”. Yet a guy like you can live off the trivial subject of picking up women, sleep with people he has no respect for, and travel the world not to find himself, but to write books about fucking women from different places. All in all, I don’t think it’d be fair to deprive you of your right to live a sad little life of shallowness. Because that is your choice. You also say we compete against men on the labor market due to “penis envy”, so, basically, you have the same argumentative level as a second grader.

Then, when you try to back up your very twisted view of the world, you quote Schopenhauer, who is matter-of-factly one of the biggest human haters in the history of philosophy, with questionable views on pederasty, straight up misogynistic ideas and a belief that all sexual activity should be limited to procreation. So it is simply you, a misogynistic blogger, quoting a misogynistic philosopher. No facts.

You speak about our intellectual capabilities based upon our gender, mainly stating that women are naturally less rational than men; you go on criticizing all the mistakes a woman can make, like choosing a man who treats her poorly (a man like you or any of your followers), and then you have the balls to say that the reason you would rather all your female relatives have a male guardian, is because you love them. Wow, Roosh, thanks but no thanks, we are A-Okay without your love.

By the way, if you could be the male guardian of all the women in your life, my guess is you would protect them from the kind of men that follow you. Doesn’t that make you a bit of a hypocrite? Or which is it, then? You know, when you grab your computer and you start typing away for the whole world to see, you have a responsibility to society, and you shouldn’t be so reckless about it. The scariest part of all of this is that you actually have people listening to you. The bigger the audience, the bigger the responsibility; and let me tell you something: promoting unjust and dangerous ideas is no way to honor that, whether you truly believe them or not.

Since I’m taking the liberty of asking questions (God forbid), let me ask you something else, if women are more irrational and prone to make mistakes, then why is it that in America, 93.3% of prison inmates are male, and 6.7%, female? These are statistics from the Federal Bureau of Prisons. And why, then, are people fleeing from the countries that abide by your utopian view of society, and pursuing happiness in nations led by women, such as Germany, Denmark and Norway? (Which are doing quite well, in case you didn’t know.) If you want to continue down this path, you should do some factual research and not speak solely from your own personal experiences, because they only lead you to saying stuff like: “I feel sorry for -Danish- men, they pay tax so high for women so ugly” (because, you know, that’s what taxes are for).

These are merely some of the facts that prove you wrong. You, on the contrary, have no evidence backing up your fascist mindset, including your assertion that women are biologically less intelligent than men. When you state something like that without factual proof, it just looks like you´re practicing rectal statistics (because you are).

I will rest my case by resorting to Brandolini’s Law, a.k.a. The Bullshit Asymmetry: “The amount of energy needed to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it”. And I have already exceeded my character limit.


Cristabelle García

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