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Andrea Amanda

Cultural Event: Young NYC artists unite to portray the sounds and colors of Latin America

NEW YORK: A group of young and up and coming composers and performers, led by Juana Aquerreta, Jacinta Clusellas and Luis D’Elias will host a night of music and colors that celebrates the rhythms and sounds of Latin America, as their original compositions come to life in the company of a live painting performance by Venezuelan artist, Andrea Amanda, resulting in a night of art inspired by the past, present and future of Latin America.

Blending lush melodies, rhythmic phrasing, and thought-provoking lyrics, the music of Juana, Jacinta and Luis is an organic fusion of the musical traditions of Argentina and Venezuela with contemporary genres, with a focus on modern songwriting that provides a new context for Latin American folklore. At the same time, their original compositions craft a bridge between different cultures, genres, styles that will capture the curiosity of new audiences, while inspiring awe and wonder for what these musical traditions have to offer.

For this event, the cast of musicians that will bring this music to life will feature talents from Europe and America, such as Alessio Romano (Italy), Miguel Gallardo (Ecuador),  Santiago Herrera (Ecuador), Ken Ychicawa (Peru) and Raquel Quiñones Rivera (USA). With a wide range of musical backgrounds, each of these artists will each bring their own touch to the music, creating a multicultural palette that will be the basis for the sound of the new Latin American folklore being showcased during the concert.

To complement the sounds and music of Juana, Jacinta and Luis, the event will feature a live painting performance by Venezuelan artist, Andrea Amanda, who, through neo-expressionism, gives written words a different life as she deconstructs them and makes them wink at the eye of the viewer who ultimately is able to enjoy the experience of discovering a new universe of words and letters. The result will be a night of sounds and colors inspired by the folklore of Latin America, with a very special focus on the musical traditions shared by Argentina and Venezuela.

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