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jose bernardo gomez astrologia
jose bernardo gomez astrologia

Lunar Inflation

Commencing on the first day of this week, the Moon will grow constantly until it appears at dawn, on Tuesday the 11th, as a huge sphere that will illuminate the nocturnal sky. This phenomenon represents the culminating moment of the lunation that began on March the 27th.

Next week’s Full Moon will be the main character in an alignment of five sidereal bodies on the Aries-Libra axis; Earth being at the center of them all; Uranus, together with the Sun, at one end; and the Moon, together with Jupiter, at the other end. This will be the first full moon after the equinox, which serves as a signal to determine the celebration of the Holy Week in the Catholic liturgical calendar.

We are to interact with the forces that express themselves in this peculiar Full Moon’s preparatory week. The Moon, in its crescent phase, will travel through the signs of Cancer, Leo and Virgo before entering the sidereal region of Libra, from where the cosmic flux surplus that will alter the daily dynamics will be created.

The Sun will advance through Aries’ second decan, to become part of the most potent planetary configuration of the coming journeys: the highly tense triangulation among Uranus, Jupiter and Pluto, a condition under which it will align itself with the Earth and the Moon.

In recent days, Jupiter and Pluto, two of the planets making up the aforementioned triangulation, were forming an exact 90 ° angle between them. Such a position coincided with a series of earthly events, associated with legal/political processes, affecting the life of nations.

Within the span of a few hours, the following events occurred: the OAS discusses the Venezuelan case; The United Kingdom of Great Britain formalizes the Brexit; The Paraguayan Congress approves the presidential re-election; The Brazilian Justice condemns the former president of the House of Representatives; Venezuela’s Supreme Court of Justice issues a controversial ruling on the functioning of the Legislative Power; The Colombian Congress defines the scope of Transitional Justice; The President of Bolivia undergoes surgery; and Ecuador elects a new President.

The two sidereal bodies that have remained in strong tension in these last days are symbolically related to the type of events indicated above. Jupiter represents Justice and its application; while Pluto influences deep changes or ruptures of a specific order. On this occasion, the tense combination of the two has manifested itself in the occurrence of events associated with a profound alteration of the established juridical order; and even in the medical case of Evo Morales, in the extirpation of an atypical cellular formation.

In the days to come the solar position will increase the confrontation between these two indomitable expressions of the cosmic energy, maintaining a climate of instability and uncertainty that will expand as a result of the Moon’s bulging and of Mercury stopping its march forward to initiate its second retrograde motion of the year.

This first week of April begins as an appetizer for the following one. It is a period of formation/weaving of a network of astral effluvia, which have their maximum expression in the lunar image. The inflationary process of the Moon —growing more voluminous each night— is the visible and external indicator of what is subtly spinning with the Sun passing by the middle zone of Aries, in its connection with the Jupiter-Pluto struggle, and with Mercury and Saturn modifying their course and joining Venus, to start, all three of them, going contra via, as the construction of the stage that, days later, will adorn the great Full moon-alignment of five sidereal bodies.

Marked by the notion of growth, the second quarter of the year has begun. Planetary conditions indicate that nothing remains static and that the level of pressure steps up continually, exploring the most varied forms of liberation.

Translated by Jorge Pardo Febres-Cordero, Certified Public Translator (Spanish-English-Spanish) – [email protected]

Photo Credits: Stephen Rahn

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