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How to Help Mexico, Puerto Rico, and The Caribbean

The earthquake in Mexico, and the hurricanes in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, have plunged entire populations into pain, and left behind many dead and wounded, and huge damages.

Mexico had not jet  recovered  from the trauma of the 8.2 earthquake that shook the southern state of Chiapas, when the earth trembled again, sowing fear, pain and death. That same day, September 19, marked the 32nd anniversary of the earthquake that in 1985 caused one of the worst tragedies in the country’s history.

Like a macabre game of fate, the magnitude 7.1 earthquake occurred hours after the simulacrum that takes place every year in Mexico City. It was 13:14 local time. The earthquake’s epicenter was located 12 kilometers southeast of Axochiapan, in the state of Morelos, 100 kilometers from the capital, and at a depth of 57 kilometers.

More than 40 buildings came to the ground and unfortunately two schools, where dozens of children and teachers were trapped; many of whom could not survive.

At the moment 307 deaths have been  recorded,  and  this tragic figure will possibly keep growing.
Last Saturday, a replica of the first earthquake of September 7 shook again the center and south of Mexico further weakening some constructions that had been damaged by the previous one in Oaxaca. The earthquake sowed panic again, and two people in Mexico City died of heart attacks.

Particularly violent hurricanes struck Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands with scorching winds, torrential rains and tidal waves. Natural disasters have left islands such as Barbuda, Saint Martin, Tortola, St. Bartholomew and others completely destroyed and almost uninhabitable with a very high number of deaths, injuries and material damage. In Puerto Rico 10 victims have been recorded so far but there are several incommunicado municipalities so the painful balance could increase. The damage is enormous; the Governor speaks of billions of dollars although it is still impossible to appreciate in all its magnitude the severity of the disaster.

The pain of our Mexican, Puerto Rican and Caribbean brothers is the pain of us all. Today they need our solidarity more than ever.

We indicate below some organizations through which we can give them our help.




In the U.S.


Centro de Información y Asistencia a Mexicanos (CIAM) en Estados Unidos (free phone,  24 /7) | 

1- 855-463-6395

In New York

Emergencias-Departamento de Protección del Consulado General de México en Nueva York (24 hours) | (917) 459-2143



In México 

Sole emergency number in Mexico  (Police, Red Cross, Firemen, Sistema Nacional de Atención de Emergencias de la Ciudadanía)  – 911



In Mexico City

Protección Civil 5683 2222;

Locatel 5658 1111

Please support the rescue efforts after the earthquake in Mexico and hurricanes Irma and Maria in Puerto Rico.  These are the links to reliable organizations: 

The Mexican artist Andrea Arroyo in New York put on sale this work and will offer one hundred percent of the collections to the victims of the earthquake that has devastated Mexico.

Andrea Arroyo

«Solidardad» © Andrea Arroyo 2017;  digital Impression; 100 copies, signed  and numbered, 8×10 pulgadas. Price $35 (It includes freight in the U.S.) I accept paypal:,(Check. For detail, write to
Let us send love and solidarity.

Andrea Arroyo


The Caribbean

To send help to the Caribbean islands you can do so through CNN Impacta Tu Mundo page at and through Twitter.



The First Lady of Puerto Rico Beatriz Rosselló, in collaboration with the private sector, has activated the site United for Puerto Rico – Disaster Recovery Effort. More information on the site:

Other organizations through which to send our help:


here. #UnitedForPuertoRico

Fondos Unidos de Puerto Rico

P.O. Box 191914

San Juan, PR 00919

tel: (787) 728-8500

fax: (787) 728-7099



Caritas Puerto Rico

201 Calle San Jorge

Esquina Baldorioty de Castro

San Juan, Puerto Rico 00902
P.O. Box 8812, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00910-0812
787 300-4953



Fundación Comunitaria de Puerto Rico

1719 Ave. Ponce de León

San Juan, PR 00909-1905




Hurricane Maria Children’s Relief Fund

Save the Children

501 Kings Highway East, Suite 400,

Fairfield, CT 06825



Maria & Irma: Puerto Rico Real-time Recovery Fund


1511 Ave. Ponce de León Suite K, La Ciudadela

San Juan P.R. 00909






Clean summer clothes and swéters
Towels, sheets and blankets
Non-perishable food (dry, canned or powdered) rice, beans, milk powder, cereal, nuts
Batteries, lanterns, candles, portable radio
Personal hygiene products, tampons, wipes, soap
Products for baby care: formula, diapers, solid foods
First aid products: alcohol, gauze, bandages, aspirin
Sunscreen lotion, mosquito repellent


Collection Centers:


El Maestro Cultural Center New York City

1300 Southern Blvd
Bronx, NY 10459

Monday to Friday from 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm



Casabe Senior Houses

150 East 121 Street
New York, NY 10035

Photo Credits: iivangm ©

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